APP FAQs for NCDA's 2020 Virtual Conference


Do I need to set up a Profile to use the APP?

No, you do not. However to take advantage of all the features, we recommend that you do. For example, to use the Networking feature (where you digitally exchange business cards), you should set up a Profile and turn your Privacy setting Off, so you can be listed as an Attendee and others can connect with you at the conference, and you build your network, under My Contacts.


Will the APP be compatible on my device?

The APP is available on Android or iPhone/iPad mobile devices. If you don't have one of these devices, you can access the APP from your desktop – go to https://event.crowdcompass.com/ncda2020. This URL will also allow BlackBerry devices or Windows phone/tablet users to access the web-based version.


How is using the APP efficient and effective?

The APP organizes the information to fit immediate and future needs. It offers multiple ways to search and save presentation information. For example, if you added a session to your schedule previously, all you need to do is go to My Schedule to find the title and then click on it to watch the recording. If you clicked on Check-in after watching the recording, when you return to it in the future, you'll remember that you have already watched it.


Can I give conference feedback via the APP?

Yes. There is the option to fill out a Survey about a particular session. Just go to the Session Details and look for “Rate this Session”. This is helpful to do immediately, while it is fresh in your mind and may help others notice valuable sessions.


What are Notifications?

These are timely messages sent by the conference planners. They may involve changes in the agenda, reminders that a live event is about to begin, or other announcements.


How can I see a list of Presentations for a specific area of work, for example K-12 Career Counselors?

Click on All Sessions, then Filter, then Tracks and select the K-12 track. Then click Apply.


Why can't I find some of the Features on my APP?

Perhaps you are not scrolling all the way down on the Event Directory. Or maybe you did not complete your Profile. When you are on the APP, click on Return to Event Directory and look at your Account Settings and/or Profile Settings. To get more help, click on About the APP or use the Search feature in the Event Guide.


Where can I get help with downloading and learning to use this APP?

To download, go to the Google Play Store or the iOS store, then locate the App by searching for NCDA. Email the Conference Director or any NCDA staff member for assistance.

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