How can I really know the value and importance of the CCCE credential?

Read what your peers are saying about earning their CCCE Credential:


"The CCCE credential communicates an identity to my current and future students - an identity that I have the training and experience to provide them with an education that will prepare them for the field.  Our program is one of only six CACREP-accredited Career Counseling Programs in the United States.  This credential represents that I have a specialization in educating career counselors. As a current associate editor of Career Convergence (the Counselor Educators and Researchers Department), obtaining the credential made sense to me and something that I would like to communicate to others."
Chadwick Royal, PhD, LPCS, CCCE
Associate Professor, Counselor Education Program
North Carolina Central University


"The NCDA Certified Career Counselor Educator credential badge is the first such icon I have attached to my professional signature and documents. It holds great meaning for me. In many ways it is the professional recognition I have been waiting for since entering the academy 12 years ago. You see, I am a counselor educator who worked hard to earn this position because of career counseling I received. Starting as a client, then as a student in a career counseling course in my Master’s program, through every career course I have taken, taught, or consulted on, I have always been first and foremost a Career Counselor Educator who facilitates learning and meaning at the nexus of work, mental health, well-being, and personal identity. The badge in my signature line validates my choice and the efficacy of my profession!"
Brian Hutchison, PhD, LPC, CCCE
Associate Professor, New Jersey City University
President, Asia Pacific Career Development Association (APCDA)

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