Government Relations Committee

The purpose of this Committee is to promote the legislative and governmental affairs of NCDA and to advocate for the career development profession. The NCDA GR Committee member takes a proactive role in raising issues and concerns, and promoting initiatives to demonstrate the importance of career counseling and the impact it has on the nation’s existing and future workforce. In addition, the Committee will take the lead on fostering relations and outreach to state Career Development Associations to help them stay current on government relations issues impacting NCDA members.  

Co- Chairs:

Elle O'FlahertyShelby McIntyre 

Subject Matter Experts:

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NCDA GR Committee Members:

  • Rebecca Dedmond
  • Natalie Kauffman
  • Amy Policastro
  • Rae Stout
  • Latara Jones
  • Lana Kaye Farley
  • Nina Talley
  • Jonae Watts
  • Sarah Jan Tausch
  • NCDA Board of Trustees Liaison: Marty Apodaca


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