Aaron Leson, CCSP

Director of Credentialing

Aaron Leson, MBA, CBSP,  has a diverse professional background that spans from elementary school education to large-scale corporate training. As a Master Trainer for the National Career Development Association, Aaron has provided professional development and training to thousands of individuals in numerous industries. 

Aaron’s many credentials, including his Certified Business Services Consultant certification, Certified Career Services Provider certification, and Facilitating Career Development Instructor certification, provide him with the ability to create well-crafted messages that inspire positive growth in employees and the greater corporate culture. Aaron’s passion for teaching and his ability to communicate in a relatable and enjoyable manner with diverse audiences make him a natural leader and facilitator. He focuses his content on well-researched, data-proven solutions that are both transferable and customizable to companies of all industries and disciplines. 

In addition to his vast professional experience, Aaron has held positions of leadership as the Chair of the National Career Development Association’s FCD Advisory Council, President of the Michigan Career Development Association, and is now the Director of the National Career Development Association’s Credentialing Commission.

Aaron holds a Bachelor Degree in Education and a Master’s Degree in Business Administration.

He can be reached at aleson@ncda.org


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